These are the beliefs that guide us at Inspiratia.

1. God has many names. "Spirit," "Source," "Love," "Christ," "Buddha," "Divine Mother," and "Universe" are only some. We acknowledge and respect the many paths that lead to our ultimate union. 

2. Spirit resides within the body and dwells in every cell. We are all connected to Source, which lives in everyone and everything.

3. Awakening to the Divine occurs within the body, mind, and spirit. We awaken to God's presence through the embodiment practices of meditation, mindfulness, and movement. 

4. Our own body and the living body of the Earth are One. The Earth's environment and all its beings form a singular living, interconnected organism. The health of the body is in direct relationship with the health of the planet. 

5. We are responsible for the care and protection of ourselves, each other, and the planet. What we do unto ourselves we do unto others. In stewarding ourselves, we steward the Earth. When the Earth thrives, we thrive.

6.   Relationship is a catalyst for self-realization. We wake up alone together, in relation to ourselves and others. We recognize the masculine and feminine energies of the Universe and their ongoing play in the creation of all things. 

7. Birth, life, and death are natural cycles. We recognize each equally and surrender to their mystery. We honor our ancestors, all that has come before us, and all that will come after us. We see value in darkness as well as in light. 

8. Life is a sacred experience. Every moment is precious and demands our full attention. 

9. We are all equally deserving of communing with Spirit, without exception. Heaven is not a place but an experience, and it's available to us now.

10. The Universe is benevolent. We trust in the unfolding of Divine Intelligence on Earth.