FireTenders is a self-sustaining community of responsible men that are committed to wakeful living and who are willing to support other men in the process of self-discovery, true masculine embodiment, and open-hearted relational engagement in the world.

We offer local and regional men’s groups, workshops, leadership training and seasonal retreats for men.


A Community of Brothers

Rather than focus on our often isolating individualism, we will help each other in our growth. As FireTenders, we celebrate collaboration and connection over competition and ego. We will practice resourcing each other as support and connect in camaraderie and teamwork on this journey toward wholeness.


Upcoming Events

Oct 13 - Nov 17 : Open Tending Men’s group | Santa barbara, Ca


January 17-19 : Tending the Masculine Fire Intensive | santa Barbara, Ca

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Collaborators Ryan Ginn and Slade Machamer talk about Tending the Masculine Fire:


Find power through honest reflection & vulnerability 

Get at the root of your challenges in relationship

Shift from mental stress to embodied presence

Engage shadow, emotion, and healthy anger

Source authentic direction and purpose


“The price of our vitality is the sum of all our fears” 

David Whyte






TIMOTHY TILLMAN, MA, CHT, is a Somatic Psychotherapist, Hakomi Trainer, Meditation Teacher, and Founder of the FireTenders Men’s Movement with over 25 years experience in his field. He holds a B.S. in physical therapy and an M.A. in clinical and somatic psychology and draws on his years of personal and professional experience to provide a fresh mindfulness-based and embodied approach, guiding individuals toward self-inquiry and freedom.

COLLABORATORS & Facilitators


JORDAN SANTONI is an Integral Leadership Coach, Transcendental Meditation Siddha, Certified Facilitator Candidate for “The Work” and a Conscious Business & Culture Consultant with a commitment to supporting himself and other men in showing up and growing up to life and our own unique genius.


DAMIAN GALLAGHER, RYT 500, facilitates Breath Work, Meditation, Intersubjective Meditation, Sound Healing, and Authentic Relating. He has a passion for Relational work. “How I’m relating to myself reflects how I’m relating to the world


SLADE MACHAMER is a Life & Relationship Coach trained in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. He has worked with individuals, couples, business leaders and groups of men for over fifteen years in addition to facilitating groups on the art of relationship with his wife.  He also spent close to a decade in a senior leadership role for a global coaching company.


RYAN GINN, MA is a Somatic Psychotherapist with over a decade of experience facilitating men’s work.  He practices in Ashland serving both individuals and couples. He has been involved in ecological land stewardship for 20 years and is deeply committed husband and father.

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EDMUND KNIGHTON, PhD, works to translate theory into observable practice through embodying concepts in movement and developing spatial awareness exercises. He is a clinical psychologist specializing in somatic and pre- and peri-natal psychology.


About FireTenders

FireTenders is a self-sustaining community of responsible men that are committed to wakeful living and who are willing to support other men in the process of self-discovery, true masculine embodiment, and open-hearted relational engagement in the world.

This type of Men’s work has transformed me from the inside out. I began sitting in men’s circles over 15 years ago and I still remember my initial surprise and relief when I witnessed men connecting in authentic ways, revealing unspoken truths, and inspiring one another toward greater presence and engagement. With help from other men and potent mentors my false sense of what it meant to "be a man” has been challenged and burned away. What is left is my direct experience as a man with vulnerabilities, emotions, drive, presence, shadow, and fire. It has and continues to be a journey of becoming, becoming a Man and becoming an Embodied Human Being in this World.

FireTenders events are an opportunity to stop, presence your life and explore your current habitual patterns, belief systems, relationships, and level of wakefulness with support and brotherhood. Through experiential exercises, embodied meditations, and individual somatic processing time we dive deep toward the true self.


What Men Are Saying about FIretenders

"The weekend we spent together was deeply fulfilling and touching for me.  The courage and authenticity you all brought created such power and left me feeling more hope and vigor than I have felt in a long while.” Ryan G

"I'm heartened to feel back into our time together, it restores my faith in my fellow man as well as lifting my own spirit, reassuring my own path." Michael R.

"For me this kind of responsible inner-work and connection with other men is the anecdote to the unchecked masculine shadow, which we have each experienced personally and that continues to cause great suffering in our families, communities and on the world stage.”  TJ



1. Embodied Presence

We remember and celebrate the gift of life in these bodies. Through conscious intention we focus our attention, stabilize our awareness, and embody presence moment to moment. We re-connect and resource our wholeness through the earth, the cosmos, and the myriad relations available to us. (seen and unseen). We not only associate and connect with form but also the emptiness, the totality that holds everything. We hold ourselves accountability for our forgetfulness and wakefulness. We acknowledge the challenges of the habitual, conditioned mind state and culture and with compassion continue to avail ourselves to a path of truth and freedom.

We live a new vision of being a man. Through ritual and practice we self-initiate toward maturity. Going beyond friends, we create intimacy from integrity. The wholeness that occurs from each being a leader connecting to something beyond oneself creates a group of sustaining success in all aspects of life. We share from our gut, heart, and full body. We are all in, open to the moment, with unguarded humility. We move into our bodies, and reveal and express our feelings. We surrender into feeling, owning our emotions. We tap the richness of our unconscious and our dark side and manifest that energy into positive awareness and action. We value depth over breadth. We step into our fear, risk vulnerability and move forward without collapsing. We notice and appreciate what is working in our lives and the lives of our Brothers.

2. Integrity

Aiming for a high level of integrity we begin with a growing acceptance and understanding of all aspects of ourselves and each other; the light and the dark, the good and the bad, the praised and the exiles. We practice radical honesty taking 100% responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds. In this way we extinguish blame and shame from the arsenal of the false self. We open to our mistakes with clarity and compassion knowing this is how we grow. We honor a man’s boundaries and request for confidentiality. In striving toward equanimity and wholeness we commit to daily practices of authenticity and wakefulness. We turn to each other in times of struggle for true reflection, support, and inspiration to return us to individual and collective integrity.

3. Sensitivity

Within the sanctuary of the group, we create an environment of safety and open heartedness through sensitivity and respect of one another. We make ourselves available to our emotions and turn toward our emotions without suppression or over expression. We learn that presencing our vulnerability makes us stronger not weaker. With great compassion and gratitude we acknowledge and value the feminine energies of the world and open to a healthy relationship and expression of our own inner femininity. This promotes greater openness and allows us to be free in the circle.

4. Inclusivity

In the spirit of welcoming we open this circle to all men no matter of race, creed, color, or sexual orientation. From this inclusion motions of openness, understanding, trust, and true compassion can be extended to one another freeing ourselves from the burdens of judgment and fixed views. Interpersonally we can also welcome all of our internal parts and emotions and provide ourselves and each other the opportunity to claim our enoughness. With openness of mind and heart we move in and toward a dynamic state of contentment and growth. Through embodied presence with others and ourselves, we accept that we sit in a circle of mirrors and we feel how truth resonates through the circle.

We honor and value each other, often with laughter and tears. We let it rip with purpose and vision. We hold each other and ourselves to our individual and collective commitments. We ask for what we want. With our intuition and love, we sense dissonance and cut through to what is real.

5. Fire

As we tend the fire of our life we also receive the opportunity to enter the fire and to become that central element of freedom and passion. By being in the center, supported by our brothers, we can feel the permission to fully express our primordial wildness and find the central flame of our purpose. Fire expressed can be incredibly creative or wildly destructive. We get to own the far reaches of our human psyches and celestial archetypes through surrendering and becoming the fire. By stepping into the fire we can burn away the old and rise like the phoenix birthed anew.

Courage and compassion rise from this fire. We challenge and support each other, often in the same breath. The energy created is palpable, able to penetrate deflection. We feel held by each other. We give our love freely and offer our compassionate truth. We name the unspoken and risk relationships for the sake of truth and growth. We create the heat necessary to push our edges and grow. We courageously bring our unguarded truths and affirm our ability to manifest our intentions alone and together.

6. Creativity and Leadership

We are creative beings with the capacity to learn, grow, and expand our awareness, and realize true freedom. This begins through self-study, turning ourselves inward to discover what we are constructed of and what has constructed us. We take the lead position accepting total responsibility as the expert on ourselves. We open and humble ourselves to one another learning inner leadership skills of listening, attuning, patience, perseverance, engagement, celebration, surrender, knowing when we don’t know, and knowing when we need help.

Through this on-going journey of self-discovery we can be freed from some of the unnecessary attachments of an ego clamoring in desire or stymied in fear. With this freedom there is access to more space for us to live and create as an inter- dependent sovereign human being. With these inner resources and understandings we are able to face the day-to-day challenges and relationships and respond from connectedness and compassion rather than disassociation and fear. By being a leader-full circle we support one another’s inner and outer leadership. We celebrate one another for our gifts and reflect and honor each others challenges and weaknesses as doorways of growth and connection.

7. Generosity

We feel more alive from our time together. We bring this energy back into our lives. We feel deep gratitude and see more beauty and goodness in the world. We feel a stronger connection to others, our environment, and ourselves. We accelerate change in our lives without playing roles (hero, victim, perpetrator). We feel a stronger connection to our family, community, and ourselves and a deeper connection to our sexuality. We stand in stronger service to the world, alone and as fellow Fire Tenders. In generosity we offer this love to our planet as the seed for the change we model.

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