SANTA BARBAra dance tribe

Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Inspiratia holds a Sacred Dance Ceremony at Santa Barbara's Gustafson Studio through Santa Barbara Dance Tribe, where a growing community of heart-centered people gather to celebrate life through movement. We hold a safe and sacred container for authentic expression where physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth can happen. Through these gatherings people have the opportunity to connect deeply with the Divine in movement and stillness. There are no steps to follow and no right or wrong ways to move; the intent is to feel the sacred through the movement of our bodies. Special ceremonies are held on the equinoxes, solstices, and holidays, which are special times of spiritual renewal and conscientious realignment.

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On Tuesday mornings, somatic psychotherapist and meditation instructor Timothy Tillman leads meditation sessions at a private residence in Santa Barbara's Mission Canyon. The sessions are donation-based and run from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. as well as 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., and practitioners are welcome to attend one or both. They incorporate conscious movement, embodied mindfulness practices, and experiential exercises. For information and directions, email or call (805) 845-0514. 



Embody creates a solid yet expansive container for witnessing and experiencing both our humanness and our divinity. It is a somatic-based practice of self-inquiry that cultivates moment-to-moment presence, playful exploration, and authentic expression, utilizing the body as a medium for transformation. 

The three pillars of Embody are Stillness, Movement, and Witnessing. These elements are the foundation for each session, and space to experience each one is given a physical location in the room. By providing a designated space for each component, the room becomes a living container for embodiment. We facilitate with words, music, and silence to create an environment of presence and self-discovery.

Through deep, centered connection in stillness, witnessing with an open heart, and cultivating boundless creativity, we move toward wholeness. Our intent is to explore, discover, create and then integrate. 

Inspiratia offers Embody quarterly.


Body intelligence retreats

Body Intelligence retreats help practitioners open new vistas of aliveness, joy, creativity, vitality, and fun through the journey of becoming more deeply and fully embodied, coupled with learning how to make powerful changes around accessing body wisdom and living more fully in the present moment.

Just as Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a universally recognized field of research for the ability to monitor emotions, label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, Body Intelligence (BI) is becoming a recognized and respected field of research for developing more connection to the core of our overall intelligence and cultivating the ability to live healthy, happy lives. In fact, we are currently teaming with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to create a standardized test for Body Intelligence.

Inspiratia's Body Intelligence retreats are both day- and weekend-long and are offered several times throughout the year.


Men & Women's groups

Inspiratia offers a bi-weekly Men's Group and monthly Women's Group for the purpose of putting our church's core values to practice. These groups are led by congregation members on a revolving basis and emphasize both verbal and non-verbal communication, ritual, connection to nature and the healing power of community.



Inspiratia believes that the possibility for our deepest spiritual awakening and connection to our bodies and God is available through our personal relationships. We support the personal relationships of our congregation members by teaching embodiment practices that promote healthy, loving communication and connection. 

Inspiratia's Couple's Retreats emphasize cultivating our core values in intimate relationship. Designed for couples in committed, long-term relationships, these weekend- and day-long retreats include facilitated meditation, communication exercises, and embodied movement practice.

We offer these retreats twice a year.


Environmental STEWARDSHIP 

Inspiratia's vision of stewardship recognizes that God is in the body, the Earth and all the elements. We are particularly committed to preserving and protecting clean water for our community. Through donation and our volunteer efforts, we support local non-profits such as Santa Barbara Water Guardians on measures to prevent the misuse and desecration of California's dwindling and precious water supply. 

Our own water protection practices include a gray water system for the irrigation of Inspiratia's grounds, composting toilets and drought-tolerant and food-producing landscaping. We also offer education to congregation members on ways to preserve and protect water in their daily lives. 



Children and teens are an important part of the Inspiratia community. We currently welcome children to attend Dance Tribe and plan to further facilitate the specific embodiment journey of children by providing a dance practice especially for those under 12. This program will take place congruently with Dance Tribe and will be designed to reach an array of understanding and ability levels. 


Fund raising programs/ministry

Inspiratia plans to periodically hold donation drives and carry out special projects to benefit those in the local and worldwide community. Areas of our focus will include: environmental, nutritional and mental and physical health-based needs, both at home and internationally. 


outreach/community ministry

We have seen in past programs that the indigent and homeless population benefits greatly by experiencing embodiment practices. Inspiratia plans to implement a monthly community dance program for those less fortunate in Santa Barbara County. This retreat offers congregation members a chance to explore their inner landscapes while being immersed in the outer beauty of wilderness. 


stewardship retreat: threshold journeys

Designed to be an adventure of body, mind, and heart, Threshold Journeys is an opportunity for self-discovery and reflection so that practitioners may be of greater service to their communities, families and the world. In these retreats, embodied spirituality is cultivated through:

  • Simple, embodied meditation practices that quiet the mind
  •  Attuning to the natural world for a heightening of somatic and sensorial capacities
  • Delightful, challenging, and playfully intense self-inquiry, the process of which is supported by other practitioners
  • Leadership development exercises
  • Accessing the inherent sanity of being connected to the natural world